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2014 Stay

We were so looking forward to spending the winter here. Park was rated top park in 2012. When we arrived on January 1st the office was closed so we went to the site we were assigned. The site was grassy and level but when we tried to back in the RV sank up to the axle's. Had to put the truck in four wheel drive to get out. Drove back to the office and the park host came and was VERY rude about not stopping at his trailer when we arrived. He had us park in another site for two nites and then we had to move to another site for three nites. Then the host had us move to the site we were assigned. Backed in and sank almost up to the axle's again. The host was rude about that. We understand they had had a lot of rain this season but you would think knowing a client was coming they would prepare the sites so as not to sink up to the axle's. After a couple of weeks one of the work-campers brought a load of caliche (can not explain what it is. Google it.) to fill in the rut's and make a place to park the truck. When it rained again, we had a mud hole! Ask the manager if they would put some gravel on our site. His response was we'll pull you out of the mud. Nothing was ever done. When it rains there are lakes at a couple of the street intersections. And the streets are nothing but potholes and the ones that have been patched are so ruff you can hardly ride your bike on them. Also had to mow the grass twice around our RV. The guy that mows did mowed our site twice out of three months.

I'm a webmaster and require good internet service. Spoke to the lady in the office six times before making reservations last April(2013). She was emphatic that their wifi was good. I have used dial-up that is better. Direct line of sight of the antenna and still worse than dial-up. I spent over two weeks speaking with the internet provider and he finely told me the park is getting what they are paying for.

This could be one of the BEST parks in South Texas but in it's current condition I would not recommend coming here. The Canadian owners appear to not be interested in putting any money into fixing or maintaining the park. Our advice, find a different park.

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Palmdale RV Resort

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USA, 78566-0308
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: 956-399-8694
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